Clara under investigation for blackmail charges against Polaris Entertainment CEO

The battle between Polaris Entertainment and actress-model Clara Lee continues with the latter reported having been called in for blackmail charges.

According to the prosecution’s office on May 13th, Clara Lee (Lee Seong Min) has been called in as the accused for an investigation that accused her of allegedly blackmailing her former agency’s CEO by sending him certificate of documents (“proof” that she can nullify her contract) and threats of calling the police.

The actress previously denied any such attempts of sending him the certificate of documents in order to better her position in her current lawsuit against the agency to nullify her contract.

After Clara ran into some trouble with her previous agency after signing an exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment, she asked CEO Lee Kyu Tae to opt out of her contract. And after being denied, Clara Lee sent the CEO the certificate of documents and threatened to “call the police if the contract doesn’t get nullified.” After the blackmail, CEO of Polaris Entertainment took the matters into a lawsuit by reporting to the authorities.

According to the police in March, “Clara’s father has confessed in deciding to send the certificate of documents after a family meeting and has already admitted his ‘fault.’ And since such actions can be charged,” they have sent both Clara Lee and her father to the prosecution’s office.

Source: News1