Clara Lee compensates 280 million won to shampoo brand “Daeng Gi Meo Ri”

Actress Clara Lee is to compensate a shampoo brand Daeng Gi Meo Ri 280 million won due to her on-going case with Polaris Entertainment.

As of March 27th, multiple affiliates from advertisement industry mentioned, “Recently, Clara and ‘D’ shampoo brand came to an agreement without an issue. Clara received 200 million won for the model contract with ‘D.’ However, due to her issues with her agency, they agreed to terminate the contract by compensating 280 million won.”

Reportedly, Clara Lee’s side has already transacted 200 million out of the 280 million won compensation. The remaining 80 million has been agreed to be paid off by having Clara act as the company’s model for international advertisements.

In December of 2014, the actress was been selected as the shampoo brand’s exclusive model. Shortly after, Clara Lee charged a lawsuit against her agency Polaris Entertainment and caused a massive scandal with her conversations with the CEO, Lee Gyu Tae. Alongside the shampoo brand, Clara Lee has been reported to have resolved her dispute with her advertisers without resorting to litigation.

Meanwhile, president Lee Gyu Tae of Ilgwang Polaris has been arrested for over charging the military drastically for their services, specifically the “EWTS” program.

Source: Sports Today