CLASS:y’s Won Jimin Goes Viral For Her Stunning Visuals At Recent Event

A new “it girl” in the making!

CLASS:y is a new girl group under M25 Entertainment, formed by the survival show My Teenage Girl, and made their debut with the song “Shut Down”!

CLASS:y | @M25_CLASSy/Twitter

While all the members have been stunning with their talents and visuals, netizens have noticed one member in particular for her unreal beauty—Won Jimin!

Won Jimin | Pann

CLASS:y appeared on Idol Radio as guests, where Jimin gained attention for her big eyes and striking features, and netizens cannot get enough! Born in 2007, she’s only 14 years old, but stands at an impressive height of 170 cm!

| Pann
| Pann

As a newly debuted idol, her visuals had an instant hold on fans everywhere, and her charismatic aura is enchanting!

| Pann


She’s a visual idol to look out for!

| @M25_CLASSy/Twitter

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out CLASS:y’s debut song “Shut Down” here!

Source: Nate Pann
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