CLASS:y Member Park Boeun Receives Mixed Response For Stating She Still Drinks Baby Formula

“You guys need to stop… what are you doing?”

Many netizens were shocked to learn CLASS:y member Park Boeun still drank baby formula.

Park Boeun | MBC

The May 14 episode of MBC‘s The Manager gave viewers a glimpse of what it took for the members of CLASS:y to debut.

Cho Yihyun shown in top two photos, Cho Yihyun and CLASS:y are shown in third photo, and Park Bo Eun is shown in last photo | Maeil Economy

Former F-ve Dolls and DIA member Cho Yihyun (also known as Cho Seunghee) spoke about how she became their manager.

The label offered me to join as a producer. I am living out my dreams through them (CLASS:y). I am working hard so they will do well.

— Cho Yihyun

Cho Yihyun (Dia member Seunghee) | @dia_official/Twitter

A scene, however, showing the group’s members on their break shocked viewers.

In the scene, CLASS:y member Won Jimin stated, “A lot of our members are still growing. Someone said drinking baby formula helps you grow.

Won Jimin | Mbc

CLASS:y member Park Bo Eun was then shown drinking baby formula out of a water bottle, to which her members stated she was cute.

Park Boeun on The Manager | MBC

However, in Korean communities, this scene was met with largely negative comments. Many netizens stated, “You guys need to stop… what are you doing?” “You won’t grow; what you mean is you’ll gain weight,” “Why would you choose this as your character?” “Why would you choose this concept? You guys are going to get cussed out,” and “Your images are now ruined.”

CLASS:y | @m25_classy/Instagram

Meanwhile,  CLASS:y is a group consisting of winning contestants of the idol survival program My Teen Girl.

Poster for My Teen Girl | MBC

The group made its debut on May 5 with the release of their single “Shut Down.”

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