CLC’s Members Reveal Which K-Drama Leads They’re Crushing On

They chose K-Drama crushes during a trivia game.

Do CLC‘s members have the same preferences when it comes to handsome K-Drama leads? They decided to find out!

In Episode 2 of DIVE Studios‘ IDOL 42, the members played a trivia quiz to test their compatibility, and to see how well their tastes match.

For one multiple-choice question, they had to choose between Ri Jeong Hyuk of Crash Landing On You and Park Saeroyi of Itaewon Class. 

You can’t go wrong with either of these leading men, but which one does CLC like best? Seungyeon chose Park Saeroyi and Yujin picked Ri Jeong Hyuk…

…then they cutely argued about which one was better. (Why choose when you can stan both?)

Eunbin and Seunghee were also asked to choose, but things didn’t go as expected. Eunbin chose the Crash Landing captain, but Seunghee missed her turn.

When asked again, she decided to choose her own option: C!

See more of CLC’s trivia game here: