CLC Prepared 150 Lunch Boxes For Fans, Only 12 Allegedly Showed Up 

Not even half of the expected number came out to support CLC.

With filming for ISAC 2018 underway, CLC fans got word of a fans’ worst nightmare – when the fandom doesn’t show up for their idols.


The annual sporting event is famous for their long hours of grueling sports, so hoards of fans rally in together to support their favorite idols in action. CLC also attended the competition to meet with their fans.


Cube Entertainment artists, such as CLC and (G)I-DLE, thought of a great idea to give back to their devoted fans – specially prepared meal sets!


However, word started speculating that only 12 of CLC’s fans (Chesires) showed up the support the group.

“CLC lives in my neighborhood and I heard they ordered 120 toasts, but only 12 fans showed up…”

— @trulynotbusy


The fanbase was allocated 50 seats for the filming but rumors say not even half of the seats were filled in.


That means that out of the 150 meals prepared (50 fans for three meals), only 36 were given out.


When these speculations circulated online, fellow fans expressed their frustration towards the lackluster support. 


The news of only having 12 fans present have not been verified yet. However, the fans who were present uploaded photos and tweets to thank CLC for their generosity.


Time to rally in your support, Chesires!