CLC Makes Long-Awaited Comeback With “Helicopter” & The Music Video Has Everyone In Awe

This could be CLC’s most impressive comeback yet!

After almost a year since “Devil”, CLC make their long-awaited return today (September 2) with “Helicopter”—and the incredible music video has everyone in awe!

Combining trap pop with EDM powerhouse beats, “Helicopter” marks the perfect comeback for a group as bold as CLC. The lyrics (co-written by the group’s rapper, Yeeun) pack just as much of a punch, comparing CLC’s confidence about tackling their future to a helicopter’s takeoff.

| Cube Entertainment

Of course, the music video is where the group truly shines. Singing, dancing, and rapping against mesmerizing laser backdrops, CLC have once again proved it’s impossible to take your eyes off their performances.

| CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube

The choreography in particular has fans transfixed, and it’s no surprise why. From backbends to acrobatics, “Helicopter” sets the bar higher than ever.

| CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube

“Helicopter” was produced by Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel Lindgren, Hyuk Shin, and Jisoo Park. Between them, the team have previously worked with hit K-Pop artists like BTS, TXT, IU, Red Velvet, and more. Plus, the group’s new single album also features a fully English version of “Helicopter”.

| CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube

And since the song’s release, fans have been just as hyped as the group. Shortly after the “Helicopter” music video dropped on YouTube, Cheshires got #CLC_HELICOPTER trending #1 worldwide on Twitter.

Watch CLC take their comeback to the skies for yourself here!