CLC Look Radiant In Pictures Launching Their Individual Social Media Accounts

Each member picked a unique way of introducing themselves.

CLC have taken a rare step and opened up individual Instagram accounts in order to get closer to their fans. Each member looks stunning in their inaugural posts.

Yeeun posted two pictures of herself without a caption. She doesn’t need words to convey her beauty.

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Sorn’s introductory post was quite animated: “Hello, this is Sorn! Can’t remember how long I have waited for this day.. My official freaking Instagram my peeps!”. It sounds like the members may have had to battle Cube to get their own accounts.

Eunbin opened up her Instagram with two pictures of herself and a caption that reads “Hello, this is CLC’s Eunbin” accompanied by hashtags which greet her fans in six different languages.

Yujin posted four pictures of herself, including this amazing picture with a dog.

Seunghee posted a picture of herself holding a baby with the caption “Yes, it’s your aunt”.

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네에 고모예요💛

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Elkie posted three pictures and spelt out “Back to Instagram”.

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Finally, Seungyeon posted a picture of herself with the caption “Hello, this is CLC’s Seungyeon. I opened up an individual Instagram account. Let’s see each other often”.

Chesire is overjoyed that they can communicate with their beloved CLC through their individual accounts from now on.