CLC Scraps 1st Batch of New Album “Nu.Clear” After Pushing Back Release Date

Cube Entertainment‘s choice to scrap the already printed and new albums of girl group CLC has puzzled many.

On May 31st, Cube Entertainment revealed, “We have discarded the entire quantity of orders of the 4th mini-album ‘Nu.Clear’. It was a difficult choice to make but it was made in order to give fans a high-quality album.”

Nu.Clear was originally set to release its offline album on May 31st. However, their record producers raised their concerns regarding the album’s tracks, prompting Cube Entertainment to take their heed and pull the already printed copies. Set to release quality music, additional arrangements will be made to the songs before release.

The new album release date has been set for June 3rd.

“This is the first time CLC is promoting as a 7-member group since the addition with Kwon Eunbin. There was a need to bring a more satisfactory album [for fans]. We’d like to apologize to the fans who pre-ordered their album, thank you so much for your understanding.”

Though the offline release of the album has been pushed back, fans can still enjoy the music video to their title track “No Oh No” released on the 30th.

Source: TV Report