CLC’s Seunghee Has Aspirations For Her Future But They May Not Just Involve Singing

We can definitely see her nailing this!

It’s been over a year since CLC released their last comeback, and many fans are curious about what the girls have been up to in the meantime. Some members like Yujin and Sorn have remained highly visible but others, like main vocalist Seunghee, have not been as widely seen.

Seunghee during “Helicopter” promotions with CLC. |

Recently, Seunghee did a Q&A on her YouTube channel and admitted that she has been working towards a new passion that fans might not expect.

Early in the interview, a fan sent her a question asking, “Are you planning to act?”

After thinking for a moment, she shared that she’s “continuously practicing and learning it.”

Some may be surprised that Seunghee is considering a change of pace as she is renowned for her incredible vocal range, but she revealed her reason for the pursuit is a bit more complex than just exploring a new career path.

Although I’m a singer now, my final goal is to be an entertainer. So I think I should be good at acting too.


This work towards becoming a well-rounded entertainer is admirable, and she even shared that she’s been “practicing it hard from this year.”

We wish Seunghee the best with her new pursuits and can’t wait to see what it brings to her already incredible performance skills with CLC. To see her full Q&A, check out the video below: