CLC’s Sorn Opens Up About Needing A Break From Korea As A Foreign Idol

Sorn hasn’t been home in two years because of pandemic restrictions 😔

In a recent video on her revamped YouTube channel, Produsorn, CLC‘s Sorn tackled assumptions fans have about her, from her eating habits to whether she dances alone in her room (side note: she does!). When one fan shared their assumption that Sorn misses her home country a lot, the CLC star opened up about needing to “take a break” from living in South Korea.

Sorn started by confirming that she definitely misses her home a lot. While she currently lives full-time in Korea, she was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand until her teen years. When she was 15 years old, she moved to Seoul, South Korea to train under Cube Entertainment as the company’s first-ever non-Korean trainee.

CLC’s Sorn pre-debut

She went on to reveal that she hasn’t been home to Thailand in almost two years. While Sorn says that South Korea is “definitely a really good country to be in,” she also confessed that it’s the kind of country you need to take a break from often if you’re a foreign idol.

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Sometimes, if you don’t take a break from Korea, you can really go crazy.

— Sorn

Admitting that it’s hard to explain to those who don’t live in Korea and don’t understand the sentiment, Sorn explained that every foreigner she’s talked to agreed: “Korea is definitely a place where you need to take a break sometimes from whatever’s going on.”

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Normally, Sorn revealed, she gets to spend time in Thailand on a yearly basis. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began imposing travel restrictions, she hasn’t been able to return to her hometown and visit her family.

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Knowing that you can’t go back that’s even more sad. If I had the money, I would totally fly back right now but because of COVID, I can’t.

— Sorn

Ultimately, Sorn told fans that “it’s okay” and that the “time will come” for her to return to Thailand in the future. She also shared that “this is part of being an adult,” and that everyone has to learn how to stand on their own feet one day. With encouraging words, Sorn explained that everyone feels lonely sometimes, but you have to learn to live with those feelings because “that’s going to be your life.”

| Produsorn/YouTube

Watch the full video for yourself here:

Source: Produsorn


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