CLC’s Sorn Just Found Her Long-Lost Sister And Fans Couldn’t Agree More On Who It Is

We’re shook because they look so alike!

CLC‘s Sorn has just found someone who could be her twin separated at birth!

On December 14, Simply K-Pop updated fans of their Simply Concert event by naming and thanking the hosts and groups that performed for the concert.

At the event, CLC’s Sorn and B.I.G‘s Benji were announced to be returning to the show to be special MCs for the concert that day.


And at the event, who else should also be performing, if not one of the top rookie groups of 2019, EVERGLOW!


Simply K-Pop then uploaded a post that all fans wanted to see: Sorn and EVERGLOW’s E:U together, for they’re so evidently the long-lost twin sisters of K-Pop!


Even Sorn reposted via her Twitter the magical and rare documented moment of the “fried-haired sisters” that fans have dubbed them `as.


Fans could not believe how similar they looked, and were so shook to finally have concrete proof to compare the similarities against each other:


They really do look similar!