CLC’s Sorn Talks About The Rough Times She Faced When She Debuted As The Only Foreign Member Of Her Group

She talked about one incident in particular that really got to her.

CLC‘s Sorn shared a story from a particularly rough day in her idol career!

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Sorn recently sat down for an interview, where she talked about how she became a K-Pop idol, her love for Tiktok, and more!

While talking about her time as a CLC member, Sorn was asked to recall any particularly difficult days as a girl group idol.

A day that you were really having it rough, emotionally?

Sorn opened up, sharing a difficult experience for her from her debut days. She revealed that when the group debuted, as the only Thai member on the team, she would often hear silence from fans on music shows when it came time for her to sing her part of the song.

I still remember, back when I first debuted, I was the only Thai person. So when I first met our fans on a music program, and I was singing my part, I couldn’t hear people cheering.

People would be like, “Wow!!” during other members’ parts, but nobody would really respond when it was my turn to sing.


Sorn then revealed that this experience made her doubt herself a lot; both as a singer and as a person.

So I was like, “Why? Is it because I’m not pretty? Is it because I’m bad at singing? Is it because I can’t dance as well as the other members?” I kept thinking about all this.


She then shared how she strengthened her resolve, and managed to come out of it and become a better performer!

So I tried to put in more effort while promoting. I practiced my facial expressions so that Korean fans could like me more. I tried to get rid of that resistance. I tried to talk more to our fans during fan signing events. [I made] Those kinds of efforts…


After going through such hard times, fans now love Sorn just as she is!

Sorn recently debuted as a solo artist with the digital single “Run”.

Watch her talk about her experiences here!