CLC’s “shaved head” pledge met with enthusiasm

CLC caused quite a reaction after promising such bold move if their latest promotional track hits first place. 

On May 30th, CLC celebrated their return to the music scene with a showcase commemorating the start of their promotions for “No Oh Oh” this week. During the press conference, however, the members surprised the press and staff members alike when they said that, “If the title song, ‘No Oh Oh,” ranks first on music sites, we will shave our heads.”

The pledge was met with mixed reactions, however, by questioning the members for making such a bold move, while others wanted to ask the girls the symbolic meaning of the act. Others were also challenged by the pledge and wonder if the members will indeed fulfil it once they reached the top spot.

Meanwhile, Eun Bin, a trainee from Produce 101, joined the group as a new member.

Source: StarNews