CLC’s Sorn Angers Fans With Racist Post On Twitter, Further Disappoints Them With Follow-Up Post

She told fans to chill.

CLC‘s Sorn is under fire for a Tweet she posted—then deleted—earlier today. The Tweet in question simply read “Weirdos” accompanied by the zany emoji. The caption itself wasn’t the issue so much as the photo that was attached to the Tweet that riled fans up.

Source: @chartsbullies/Twitter

The self-shot photo featured Sorn with three friends, one of whom was wearing a mask that appeared to be a racist caricature.

Source: @sssorn_clc/TwitterAlthough she deleted her problematic Twitter post, fans were left disappointed when the singer took to Instagram to say that “people just gotta chill” instead of apologizing.

Source: @chartsbullies/Twitter

Though it’s possible that Sorn and her friends weren’t aware of or didn’t understand the issue people took with the mask, fans are disappointed that rather than take this as a learning experience, she instead chose to avoid any sense of accountability or show any sensitivity toward the matter at hand.

In fact, Sorn’s posts became such a hot topic of discussion, her name began to trend worldwide on Twitter!

Allegedly, the mask her friend is wearing is a vintage Pele mask.

Source: @antipioneer

Pele is a legendary Brazilian soccer player, widely considered as one of the best players of all time.

Source: GQ

Regardless of whether it is a vintage mask and they’re paying homage to the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen or they’re just being ignorant, fans remain hurt and angry over Sorn’s response.