CNBLUE Reveals Their Hopes And Desires For The Future

They have achieved so much!

CNBLUE recently met with Indeed Magazine to shoot an amazing photoshoot as well as an intriguing interview. In their interview, the members Yonghwa, Minhyuk, and Jungshin discussed their goals, happiness, and of course their fans.

Yonghwa started off the interview and discussed his goals for him and the group now that they’ve all reached their 30s. Since the group worked endlessly in their 20s and achieved great success and popularity, Yonghwa conveyed he now feels he can enjoy music without rushing.

All of the members are in their 30s. When I was in my 20s, I ran without a break. Now, I hope we can do music at a slow pace without feeling rushed.

— Yonghwa

As for Minhyuk, he shared a similar desire to Yonghwa’s interview. Much like Yonghwa, Mnhyuk shared that he wants to focus on doing what he loves for a long period of time rather than trying to rush and reach a certain level.

I think my life is filled with more happiness when I do what I love for a long time rather than trying to reach a specific height.

— Minhyuk

Last but not least, Jungshin expressed his overall sadness towards not being able to meet with his fans. Because of COVID-19, fans and their idols have been separated to keep everyone safe.

Not being able to see our fans in person has been a huge disappointment. I hope we can stay healthy and well as we wait for the day we can meet in person.

— Jungshin

The CNBLUE members are achieving success both in their music and acting careers. Last November, the group released their 8th mini album “RE-CODE,” which was, of course, well received by listeners as it topped the iTunes chart worldwide! As for their acting careers, Yonghwa is starring in the drama Daebak Real Estate, Minhyuk in How to be Thirty, and Junshin in Summer Guys. Fans are excited to see what the group has in store next!