CNBLUE Jonghyun Admits To Watching Jung Joon Young’s Illegally Filmed Videos

He made an apology.

On March 15, FNC Entertainment released an additional statement regarding CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, who admitted to watching the illegally filmed videos by Jung Joon Young and made an apology:

“On the night of March 12, our agency released a statement regarding our artist Jonghyun that stated, ‘he had only contacted the certain socially controversial celebrities as friends and they have nothing to do and no connection with the recent scandal.’

Jonghyun, who is currently serving in the military, agreed to cooperate with the investigations of police who visited his unit on the afternoon of the 12th, before we released our official statement. We released the statement as Jonghyun did not remember circulating any illegal videos, seeing any inappropriate videos or participating in any conversations that may cause an issue in the approximately 20 1:1 chat logs with Jung Joon Young presented by the police.

We had no choice but to release a statement based on Jonghyun’s memory as it was difficult to confirm the facts about a chatroom conversation that occurred 4-5 years ago as he had already left the chatroom long ago. We had no intentions of hiding the facts or condoning his wrongdoings.

After SBS’s report on the 14th, we got in contact with Jonghyun and confirmed the facts. He is deeply reflecting upon his watching the videos in the chatroom or inappropriate conversation related to belittlement of women or sex. If he had proper sexual awareness, he would not have sat by and watched but he is regretful about the fact that he did. We apologize to those who have suffered due to the immoral and promiscuous conversations that took place without a sense of guilt and to everyone who was disappointed by this issue.

Jonghyun, who is ashamed and regretful, has accepted the criticism from the public due to his wrong sexual ethics and values and is deeply regretful and guilty. He will be more cautious about is words and actions as a public figure, reflect upon himself and atone for his past mistakes.”


Previously, FNC stated that Jonghyun had nothing to do with Jung Joon Young’s scandal.

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It was later reported, however, that Jonghyun was a part of Jung Joon Young’s chatroom where they discussed sex with different girls. 

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Source: Nocut News