CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin Discovers His “Nude” Photo Has Been Leaked But It Takes A Cute Turn

He’s laughing about it.

Singer and actor Lee Jung Shin from the Korean band CNBLUE recently posted his surprise when he discovered that his “nude” photos had been leaked online.

Lee Jung Shin | @leejungshin91/Instagram

On September 17, Lee Jung Shin shared childhood photos of himself, showcasing his striking features and attractive visuals from a young age.

A baby picture of Lee Jung Shin | @leejungshin91/Instagram

Among a collage of baby photos, there was a picture of him when he was a baby, lying on a sofa without clothes on. He humorously left a caption, showing his witty reaction to the photo.

Ah, my nude photo has already been leaked… Hahahahahaha”

— Lee Jung Shin

| @leejungshin91/Instagram

Aside from the sudden “nude” baby picture, Lee Jung Shin’s post showed what an adorable baby he was.

| @leejungshin91/Instagram

Lee Jung Shin debuted as the bass guitarist and rapper of CNBLUE in 2010 under FNC Entertainment.

Lee Jung Shin, Jung Yong Hwa, and Kang Min Hyuk (left to right) of CNBLUE | @leejungshin91/Instagram

Lee Jung Shin made his acting debut in 2012 with the KBS2 K-Drama Seoyoung, My Daughter, and played his first major role in the KBS2 K-Drama special Thank You, My Son in 2015. He also played one of the four knights in the popular tvN show Cinderella and the Four Knights in 2016.

Lee Jung Shin with the cast of “Cinderella and the Four Knights” | KBS2


Source: Sports Chosun