CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa Finally Opens Up About His Kyunghee University Scandal

“Hello, this is Jung Yonghwa. It has been a very difficult time for me until now…”

CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa was previously involved in a scandal that claimed that he received preferential treatment in entering the PhD program at Kyunghee University.

(★BREAKING) CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa Revealed To Have Cheated His Way Into Kyunghee University


Although FNC Entertainment provided a detailed explanation regarding the issue stating that it was all a misunderstanding, Jung Yonghwa still shared a handwritten apology to fans and netizens for the situation through his SNS account.

Jung Yonghwa Admits Everything Was His Fault In Hand Written Apology Letter


Six months later, Jung Yonghwa finally shared his detailed thoughts on the subject through a post on his SNS account. He began by explaining that he had remained silent until now because he thought it was inappropriate to explain himself while investigations were still ongoing.

“Hello, this is Jung Yonghwa.

It has been a very difficult time for me until now. I have remained silent until now because I felt it was not appropriate to raise my voice and share my story on a case that was still under investigation.”

 Jung Yonghwa


He continued to explain that he was still deeply reflecting on his actions and is still apologetic for them if they were against the regulations.

“As I’ve mentioned in my previous apology, I am deeply reflecting upon my mistakes if they have violated regulations as that is a part of my responsibility.”

 Jung Yonghwa


He then proceeded to share his side of the story to clarify misunderstandings that some may still have.

“However, I’d like to point out a few things in regard to this issue that may have caused a misunderstanding in many people. This issue was related to my entrance into the PhD program (Applied Music) in the Department of Applied Arts. I was aware of the fact that interviews are sometimes held depending on the discrtion of the professor for PhD programs in the field of arts such as Applied Music, as the activities and works of the applicant can be seen through the applicant’s portfolio. Before I entered graduate school, I met with my professor at the studio and showed him the songs that I have worked on and have previously released while also sharing my plans for the future.

It is my mistake for thinking that interviews could take place according to the professor’s discretion and for not properly reveiwing the application guidelines, and I am reflecting upon this mistake.

In addition, rumors that claim that I’ve acquired a PhD in order to delay my military service when I don’t have any interest in academics is absolutely untrue. As a citizen of South Korea and a South Korean male, I believe that I must fulfill my military obligations and have mentioned about this through numerous interviews in the past. The PhD program I enrolled in was in the Department of Applied Arts, which is related to my major Applied Music, and it is a major that conducts an in-depth study into jazz music. As a singer who composes songs and sings, I wanted to learn more about the subject I majored in through a PhD program and this is how I came to apply to the program.

There are also people who have accused me of running away [from the issue] to the army. I am not running away. The army is not a place that I can run away to. It is my mililtary obligation that I must fulfill and I have continued to believe that I must dutifully fullfill this obligation as a citizen of South Korea. I have considered this time as a good opportunity to look back on myself.

In fact, it is not important to point out who was at fault in this issue. I have no excuses for the mistakes that I have made and am deeply reflecting upon them. I am determined to do my best so that the mistakes are not repeated in the future. I’d also like to apologize to my fellow colleagues who have been affected by this issue.

I will continue to faithfully comply with the remaining police investigations and do my best to explain the misunderstandings that have arisen due to a distortion of the truth. Once again, I apologize.”

— Jung Yonghwa


In addition, Jung Yonghwa left a handwritten letter to fans indicating that he was doing very well. Additionally, he asked fans to wait for him just a little longer, that he would soon repay the love and support they’ve provided thus far.


Fans have since been thanking the idol for his explanation and wish him a safe return from his military service.

  • “Thank you for your update. Now that I read and understand your letter. I say that “Its still you” A Man that I known for a long time ago (2010). Thank you for being you. Thank you for thinking of us too. Come back soon.”
  • “We got your letter. Thank you so much. We’ll wait for you here so stay safe and focus on your training. Thank you. We love you.’
Source: Xportsnews