CNBLUE’s Yonghwa Cleared Of Insider Trading Charges After Allegedly Blaming His Own Mother For Misbehavior

Fans have voiced out their disappointment in CNBLUE Yonghwa after the reason why he was cleared from insider trading charges was revealed.

On June 29th, it was disclosed that Yonghwa, who was summoned to partake in an investigation regarding his alleged illegal insider trading, had been cleared of the charges.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Yonghwa’s finances are managed by his mother and she, in actuality, was the one who had made the initial stock purchase of approximately 400 million won without his knowledge on July 8th and 9th in 2015. Only when Yoo Jae Suk was officially announced to have joined FNC Entertainment did Yonghwa choose to sell some of the stocks, making 200 million won in profit as a result.

After revealing this to the media, FNC Entertainment adds that Yonghwa “was being a filial son.”

However, netizens are shaking their heads in disappointment after the reason why he was cleared was shared by the agency, commenting that Yonghwa had shielded himself behind his mother to avoid getting charged. They left comments like, “The filial son hiding behind his mother,” “Can you believe this?” “The filial son kekeke Oh really ke,” “Lee Jonghyun is better” and more.

Yonghwa’s band mate and CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun was fined 20 million won after an investigation as well. The investigation revealed that while Jonghyun was aware from an acquaintance that someone of significance will be joining his agency, he purchased stock without confirming if it had been officially announced. After realizing this, he held on to the stocks, costing him money. Because of this, he was only fined.

Source: Kuki News