CNN Under Fire For “Dissing” BTS Members When Writing About Jimin’s Achievements

They also seemingly “shaded” Jimin in the process!

BTS‘s Jimin has seen huge success after the release of his solo album and has been gaining attention from fans and media from across the world. Yet, American outlet CNN has come under fire after “dissing” the other members when talking about Jimin’s achievements.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

After the release of FACE, Jimin achieved huge success with his album and even made history as the first Korean solo artist to get a Billboard #1 with his track “Like Crazy.”


Of course, it wasn’t surprising that both Korean and international media outlets shared their congratulations and thoughts on Jimin’s success. Yet, CNN has recently come under fire

While the tweet received thousands of likes, netizens took offense to the caption of the article, which seemingly “shaded” the other members. For many, they believed it created a “rivalry” that “pitted” the BTS members against each other when it came to their solo releases.

In particular, many thought it disregarded the accomplishments and success the older BTS members had achieved with their own solo releases, including RM, Suga, and J-Hope.

Along with the headline that many claimed was disrespectful, others pointed out that those who had liked and praised the article seemingly didn’t read the text.

Amidst the article’s main body, the company wrote, “The successful start for “Like Crazy” was driven by sales of the five different versions of the song, Billboard reported.”

For many, they thought that rather than just praising Jimin for his accomplishments, the article claimed that the numerous versions were the reason for his success. Many fans thought that while it seemingly shaded the members, it also seemingly shaded Jimin.

Although ARMYs love celebrating Jimin’s success, they don’t want to do it at the expense of the other members who have worked just as hard on their solo projects.

Source: @CNN and CNN