Coca-Cola Responds To Kang Daniel’s “Street Man Fighter” Controversy

A representative answers if they are seeking recuperation.

Coca-Cola seems to have forgiven Kang Daniel for his gaffe on live television when on the live finale of Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter, Kang Daniel, by mistake, thanked one of the company’s rival brands.

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According to a representative of Coca-Cola, the company has decided to move on from the incident and denied they had asked to be recuperated.

We have never asked to be recuperated. We decided to just leave it as an incident.

— Coca-Cola

Previously, Kang Daniel hosted the final episode of Mnet’s Street Man Fighter. During the live broadcast, the host thanked the show’s sponsor. Instead of thanking Coca-Cola brand Seagram’s, however, the idol thanked its rival Trevi, even joking about how good it tasted.

And now, I would like to thank our sponsors. Trevi is great. It’s out of this world. I’m only half-kidding.”

— Kang Daniel

Coca-Cola’s Seagram’s | Coca-Cola

Kang Daniel’s label has since apologized for the mistake, stating that the mistake was made due to the commotion of the final episode.

It was a mistake in which he accidentally said the wrong sponsor. Due to the commotion from the final episode, I think he was momentarily confused. We apologize to the sponsors.

— Konnect Entertainment

CJ ENM has since edited out the mistake in streaming versions of the episode. A representative of Coca-Cola stated that they would like nothing more than to move on from the mistake.

As the program had a successful run and ended on a high note, we would like it if this incident isn’t brought up anymore.

— Coca-Cola


Source: Sports Chosun

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