Fan Receives The Most Random And Unexpected Gift From Her Bias 

She was in shock!

K-Pop fans often give gifts to their favorite idols to express their love and admiration. Yet, a lucky fan recently received an unexpected gift from their bias.

Solo artist CODE KUNST attended the CASETiFY x Jujutsu Kaisen event in Hong Kong along with GRAY. Fans were excited to see their favorite music artists in person.

CODE KUNST and GRAY received products from the new phone accessory collection at the event. To their surprise, the phone case they received turned purple upon touch.

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Caption: Discovered that the phone case turned purple when he took it out.

CODE KUNST: What’s this?! Hyung! Hyung! Look at this. That’s awesome.

Caption: Gray was explaining that the phone case turns purple when summer comes hahaha

CODE KUNST: It’s not working

GRAY: Oh? It’s not working for me either.


CODE KUNST noticed that his fan’s phone was the same model as his. So, he removed his phone from the case, spontaneously gifting the case to her.

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Caption: He took his phone out while checking and confirming that my phone was the same model as his.

Caption: He was looking at me, not at the camera, while chatting

CODE KUNST: I’ll give this to you?

Caption: ????

Fan: Thank you!!

The lucky fangirl shared the moment via social media. She was originally capturing the interaction between CODE KUNST and GRAY when suddenly she was gifted the phone case by her bias.

Another accomplishment achieved as a fangirl
I’ve never thought I’d ever get a gift from Code Kunst.
After the Hong Kong Casetify x Jujutsu Kaisen event, I was filming them while they were studying the phone case, so I didn’t hear what he and Gray were talking about.
I looked emotionless(?) when he gave me the phone case. I even jokingly questioned whether he gave it to me only because he didn’t want it.
After I re-watched the clip, I heard him say the phone case was awesome.
Sorry, I was wrong.
I love Code Kunst so much

— @tiffanyutsz

| @tiffanyutsz/Threads

It’s surely a moment that she will never forget!

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