BTS’s Jin Makes An Unexpected Cameo During Coldplay’s Recent Argentina Show, Helping To Send A Message Of Love To Countries Facing Struggles

He used it well wishes to those in Korea, India, and Ukraine!

When it comes to the most wholesome artist friendships in the world, the bond between BTS and Coldplay is one of the most loved. Throughout the years, they have shown their bond and melted hearts with their interaction.

BTS and Coldplay | @bts_twt/Twitter

One person with a special friendship with Coldplay is BTS’s Jin. The idol has always been a fan of the group. Chris Martin even gifted the BTS member a guitar on their trip to Korea.

Chris Martin (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

Recently, Jin proved he was living a fan’s best life when it was revealed that Chris Martin had helped write his solo track “The Astronaut.”

At the end of October, Jin and Coldplay showcased their friendship even more, when the BTS member traveled to Argentina to perform his solo track “The Astronaut” for the first time.

Jin performing in Argentina with Coldplay | BANGTANTV/YouTube


Yet, it seems like Chris Martin is finding ways to bring Jin into his performances, even though he’s not in Argentina anymore. After their recent show on November 1 (local time), ARMYs shared pictures of Wootteo (Jin’s character for “The Astronaut”) and that he was on stage.

| @bangtinnyboys/Twitter

| @bangtinnyboys/Twitter

During the show, he got out Woottae and made sure to introduce him to the crowds as a special gift from Jin.

We have this toy here, this little guy because this is from Korea, this is from Jin.

— Chris Martin

| @_heybangtan_/Twitter 

More importantly, it was the message that Chris Martin wanted to send. For many, BTS is a sign of hope and brings comfort to so many fans, and Chris seemed to understand that when addressing fans in countries where tragedies have occurred.

During his speech, Chris sent special love to Korea after the Itaewon tragedy, India after a bridge collapsed that killed hundreds of people, and the ongoing Ukraine War. He also added that the love was to places that needed love and comfort.

Today we would like to send special love to India, Korea, to Seoul, and to the Ukraine, and to so many places which need love from Argentina. So, that’s why.

— Chris Martin

| @_heybangtan_/Twitter

While many couldn’t get over how much Chris loves showing his love to Jin and the members of BTS, they also praised his kind words to those countries who have been suffering.

Chris Martin has always proved to be a true ARMY, but also his consideration for countries that are going through a hard time.

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