Coldplay Gave Permission To BTS To Cover Their Song… Here’s Why That’s Significant

Coldplay commented after BTS performed on MTV!

BTS appeared on MTV Unplugged yesterday and performed several songs from their latest album BE, as well as a cover of “Fix You” by the British rock band Coldplay. BTS members, especially V, have been outspoken about their love for Coldplay for a while and it looks like it might be reciprocated!

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams documentary | IMDB

Fans have reported that the rock band rarely lets other music artists cover their songs, specifically “Fix You,” out of fear that its message may be disrespected. Due to their selectivity, Coldplay has even turned down offers from big scale TV shows and movies worth millions of dollars. Lead singer Chris Martin also once described “Fix You” as “probably the most important song we’ve ever written.” This song means a lot, yet Coldplay trusted BTS to deliver the song’s important message.

This is why it’s a big deal that Coldplay has been so supportive of BTS. The band has been active on social media since BTS’s cover went live. Coldplay not only gave permission to BTS to cover “Fix You,” but they shared their approval online by posting links to the performance as well as a positive message for BTS.

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The band’s official account also commented “beautiful” with love from Coldplay’s members in Korean under the YouTube video. It’s clear that the bands both have a lot of respect for each other.

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You can watch BTS’s full cover below.

Source: Kevin Mazur and @bts_bighit