Coldplay Honors Sewol Ferry Victims With 10 Second Silence

During Coldplay‘s concert in Korea, they warmed the hearts of Koreans after asking for 10 seconds of silence to remember the victims of the Sewol Ferry.

Coldplay recently held a concert at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul where they paid tribute to the victims of the Sewol Ferry. On the second day of their show, they performed their song “Yellow” when they suddenly stopped in the middle to ask for a moment of silence.

“We want to stop our show right now because of this song and because of the anniversary today of the Sewol Ferry. So we just want to take a moment with all of you to send some love and remembrance. We’re just going to take like 10 seconds of quiet and then we’ll carry on with the concert. It’ll be amazing.”

— Coldplay

The three big screens displayed yellow ribbons which symbolized the Sewol Ferry incident. The spotlights went out, and the stage grew dark as the crowd grew silent.

After 10 seconds, the song came back on, and Coldplay finished their song. It seems Coldplay organized this during the middle of their song “Yellow” because Sewol Ferry uses a yellow ribbon to remember the tragedy.

Check out Coldplay’s tribute below!

Source: Korea Times