Colorful giant pig balloon set up at Seoul Plaza for charity

Following the popular Seokchun River’s Giant Rubber DuckSeoul Plaza has set up a giant pig balloon, towering over 8 meters tall, for their citizen donation event.

This collaborative work of art, titled “Mr. Donation,” was made for the Seoul Arts and Culture Foundation to bring awareness for the art donation event that will be held from November 6th to the 12th.  The giant pig balloon was created by pop artist, Art Nom, and was inflated by 21 citizens who blew air into the balloon while riding bicycles.

Next to the “Mr. Donation” balloon will be a large red container for the ‘smart donation’ section.  Everyone is encouraged to donate for the development of arts and culture in the city.

Photo of
Photo of gigantic cute pig balloon Mr. Donation in front of Seoul Plaza

Source: Money Today