These Comeback Groups Have Topped the UAE iTunes Chart

Get ready for fall with these group comebacks!

K-Pop groups SEVENTEEN and Dreamcatcher have both topped the UAE iTunes chart after making a comeback.

SEVENTEEN dropped their 3rd album, An Ode, on September 16. Their title song, “Fear,” reveals a more dark concept also seen in their music video.

This new album topped the UAE iTunes pop, K-Pop, and all-genre albums charts.

Not much after, Dreamcatcher made a comeback with their EP, Raid of Dream.

Their title track, “Deja Vu,” is also in part of a collaboration with a Korean mobile game called King’s Raid.

Their new album also topped the pop, K-Pop, and all-genre album chart.

SEVENTEEN is currently on their world tour and will be headed to Osaka on October 8-9 next.

Dreamcatcher will be headed to Europe next for their Invitation From Nightmare City In Europe Tour.

Source: tvreport and gulfnews