Comeback Rumors Fly As TWICE Shocks Fans At The Airport With New Hair Colors

Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung all have vibrant new hair.

TWICE members Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung shocked fans today when they showed up at the airport with vibrant new hair colors—and fans are already speculating that an OT9 comeback could be on the horizon.

Chaeyoung’s hair is one of the most shocking changes. Last time fans saw her, she had very short, very dark hair.

But today, she revealed a long, ombre style—dark on top, and dusky blue at the bottom. Since Chaeyoung generally prefers short hair, the new extensions have ONCEs in awe.

She showed it off again in a new Instagram story update from the plane to Japan.

Sana had a dramatic hair change too. For a while now, she’s been rocking a mid-length brown hair look.

But at the airport, she was seen with a shorter cut. Even more notably, her hair is now dyed red.

Seems like Nayeon’s caught the hair change bug too, because t the last Twicelights concert, she was sporting medium-length brown hair.

Now, she has a shorter cut and her hair appears to have been dyed a warm, orange-auburn tone.

Nayeon already showed off her new hair on TWICE’s Instagram story the day before debuting it at the airport, but some fans weren’t sure whether it was really red or if the filter and lighting were responsible.

Just yesterday, Nayeon told ONCEs that just because the members change their hair colors, doesn’t mean a comeback is on the horizon. But fans aren’t convinced at all!

However, both she and Sana did also say that it’s definitely comeback time when Dahyun changes her hair—and so far, Dahyun’s locks are as blonde as they were last time ONCEs saw her.

So, who knows whether Nayeon was trying to throw everyone off the scent or the TWICE members really are just changing their hair for fun.