Comedian Hong In Kyu speaks up on recent reporting of CoKo Entertainment’s situation

Comedian Hong In Kyu, who resides under CoKo Entertainment, has spoken up on the recent reporting of his agency’s current condition.

On December 22nd, Hong In Kyu took to Facebook and wrote, “Jun Ho hyung and Dae Hee hyung are uniting the artists and finding a way to overcome the situation but the recent posts say ‘He(Kim Jun Ho) sorted out 15 artists, making it seem as if the other artists are being left behind. This created a internal conflict in the company’. This makes me frustrated and hurt.Please we are all victims, so I would like to ask everyone to refrain from giving us the wrong kind of attention but to simply give us the strength and courage to over come this situation.”

CoKo Entertainment is currently facing a tough situation after their co-CEO Kim Woo Jung allegedly embezzled money from the agency before disappearing.

Asia Today reported on December 22nd, quoting an industry personnel that, “The inner conflict in the company is turning severe. It is unlikely that CCO Kim Jun Ho will be able to take care of all of the comedians who followed Kim Jun Ho as their leader. He is currently sorting out around 15 comedians and plans to stick with them. He previously gathered all the comedians together and told all of them to find a way to survive.”

Source: MBN