Comedian Kang Ho Dong Announces Plan To Become An Idol

Kang Ho Dong finally revealed that he’s always wanted to dance and sing on stage.

Kang Ho Dong started off as a professional Korean wrestling athlete. He made his way into the entertainment business when he auditioned to become a comedian in 1993 and has since become one of the most famous comedians in Korea!

Now he appears regularly on popular TV programs, including Men on a Mission and Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

During a recent live video session, viewers got a sneak peak of the shoot for the newly launching show For the First Time in My Life starring Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Gangnam, Han Hyun Min, Niel, and Lee Min Woong.

The show is based on guests helping the hosts try new things for the first time in their lives.


When asked about his latest interest, Kang Ho Dong said he wants to try becoming a K-Pop idol!

“I want to sing good songs on stage that my fans can enjoy. I’d love to be praised too.” — Kang Ho Dong


TEEN TOP‘s Niel gave him hope as he picked Kang Ho Dong and Han Hyun Min as “Most Likely to Rock as a K-Pop Idol”. Niel mentioned, “If Kang Ho Dong lost weight, he could easily be the cutest member.


In fact, Kang Ho Dong has never been shy to show off his dance moves.


He’s been known to be fairly good with the basics of dancing too!


Kang Ho Dong even said he’ll lose weight if he gets to try debuting as a K-Pop idol!

“If I challenge myself to do this, I think it could inspire other people my age to pursue their dreams.” — Kang Ho Dong


Viewers can’t wait for Kang Ho Dong to pursue his dream on his new show!


In the meantime, prospective fans will have to make do with Kang Ho Dong’s SM Station feature: