Comedian Kim Mi Yeon Gives A Harrowing Account Of Her Husband’s Escape From His Flooded Car

Fans are relieved her husband is safe.

As parts of Seoul recovers from the downpour that flooded whole districts, tales of danger, courage, and the city’s resilience are being recounted.

Man sitting on his submerged car in Gangnam | Mania
Aftermath of flood in Gangnam | Kookmin Ilbo

One account comes from famous comedian and actress Kim Mi Yeon, who shared her husband’s escape from his flooded car.

Kim Mi Yeon | @kimmiyeontv/Instagram

On the evening of August 8, the district of Gangnam, as well as its surrounding districts, were caught in a historic downpour that flooded its street.

Viral accounts of the flooding show the glitzy district, which is home to over 500K people, swallowed in rainwater. Pictures and videos of submerged cars and buses show how deep the waters were. According to Insurance reports on August 9, it has been reported that over 1000 cars were submerged underwater.

Gangnam submerged in rainwater | Joongang Ilbo
Submerged vehicles | Donga Ilbo

Actress Kim Mi Yeon shared that her husband was among those whose car was submerged in the flood. Kim Mi Yeon was thankful on her Instagram on August 9 that her husband made it home safely.

Thank God! Jung Yoo Sum‘s father and my husband was able to escape his car, which was flooded in water to the point where the door wouldn’t open, and his phone wouldn’t connect. The water reached his chest, but through his calm and deliberate reaction, he was able to escape safely. Thank you, God.

— Kim Mi Yeon

Netizens consoled the actress and shared in her joy that her husband made it home safely.

  • “Wow, that could’ve been really bad. It’s great that he made it home safely.”
  • “I read about this in an article unnie. It’s a relief he made it out okay.”
  • “Wow, what a relief.”
  • “Wow, it’s a relief nothing worse happened.”
  • “My world! He must have been so shocked and scared. It’s a relief that he made it out okay.”
  • “What a relief. Something worse could have happened.”

Kim Mi Yeon is a comedian turned actress who debuted in 2002 as part of MBC’s 13th class of comedians. Kim Mi Yeon married her husband in 2019, and the couple has one son together.

Kim Mi Yeon (right) with her husband and son | @kimmiyeontv/Instagram
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