Comedian Kim Min Kyung Takes On A Cosmetic Commercial… And Sends Everyone To The Gym

Does working out really make the skin glow?

On July 18, comedian Kim Min Kyung (also known as Kim Min Kyoung) shared an excited Instagram post…

| @gagkimminkyoung/Instagram

… revealing that she has starred in a commercial for the cosmetic brand The Face Shop.

#Daebak! Guys, I landed a cosmetic commercial. It’s all thanks to you guys. I can’t believe I’m in a cosmetic commercial… T-T I’m teary with gratitude and happiness. Use the mugwort moisturizing cream for summer skin!

— Kim Min Kyung

In the commercial, Kim Min Kyung boasts her flawless skin…

… which her fans have attributed to her recent workouts, as part of the YouTube series for the program Tasty Guys. Since January 2020 — after losing a random draw, Kim Min Kyung has been exercising regularly…

… and in the process, surprising everyone with her innate athleticism! Aside from the obvious health benefits, Kim Min Kyung’s fans have also noticed how these workouts have transformed her skin. Here’s Kim Min Kyung at the beginning of the series:

And Kim Min Kyung in a recent photoshoot — that went more than viral for the unprecedented aesthetic:

Looks like the #09women #photoshoot got a lot of attention. I absolutely loved how these pictures turned out too. Please help me pick the #bestshot!

— Kim Min Kyung

Her Instagram post, along with her workout videos, continue to overflow with positive comments…

Thanks to you, Min Kyung unni, I recently started working out. After getting surgery for cancer, I’ve been more than reluctant about life. And chemo has destroyed my muscles so I have the strength of a kindergartener. So it’s hell and I want to die — but at the same time, I have you as my inspiration so I keep going. Every week, your workouts give me the strength and energy. Thanks for the good videos!

— YouTube Comment

… most of which share that she has become an inspiration to hit the gym and get healthy. Kim Min Kyung’s fans continue to show her endless support for her positive influence.

Watch the full commercial here:

Source: THEQOO