Comedian Kim Min Kyung’s Younger Brother Suddenly Passes Away

Her agency made a statement on her behalf.

Comedian Kim Min Kyung‘s younger brother had suddenly passed away today. After hearing the news, she immediately stopped all of her schedules and traveled down to her hometown in Daegu.

Kim Min Kyung’s younger brother has passed away. She is hurrying down to Daegu. Any more information will be known once she arrives.

— JDB Entertainment


The news of her brother’s death was especially surprising as her brother was well known to be a healthy man in his mid-30s who exercised frequently and vigorously took care of his health. The cause of her brother’s death was not specified.

Kim Min Kyung’s younger brother was young as he was in his mid-30s. He majored in athletics so he had always taken care of his health and had a strong physique.

Kim Min Kyung and her family were completely shocked by the news.

— JDB Entertainment


Kim Min Kyung had finished recording the latest episode for Delicious Guys, and the episode will air on the 9th without any changes. She had also taken the next week off.


She will stay in Daegu as her brother’s funeral and wake will take place on the 13th. Our condolences to Kim Min Kyung and her family.

Source: Spotv News