Comedian Oh Na Mi Announces She Is Getting Married, Reveals Beautiful Engagement Photos

Congratulations to the couple!

Comedian Oh Na Mi is well known for being one of the funniest and most kind comedians in Korea.

Oh Na Mi | @skal7996/Instagram
| @skal7996/Instagram

She once headlined the legendary KBS comedy show Gag Concert.

Cast and staff of Gag Concert | KBS

The comedian’s looks were often used as punchlines to many of her jokes.


Things have definitely changed since then.

| @skal7996/Instagram
| @skal7996/Instagram

The comedian made news when she announced she was in a loving relationship.

Park Min (left) and Oh Na Mi (right) | @skal7996/Instagram

She became the subject of envy when her boyfriend was revealed to be handsome former soccer player Park Min.

Park Min | Segye

On June 30, the comedian made the news again, this time to announce that she was getting married to her boyfriend.

| @skal7996/Instagram

Oh Na Mi announced she is getting married to her boyfriend in September on SBS‘s Kick A Goal Spin-Off.

Not only that, the show revealed beautiful engagement photos of the happy couple.

| Happy Married Company
| Happy Married Company

In the picture, the comedian is absolutely stunning!

| Happy Married Company
| Happy Married Company

Oh Na Mi is one of Korea’s most recognizable comedians. She is especially beloved for her down-to-earth personality and is famous for her kindness.

| Happy Married Company

Oh Na Mi is currently starring in SBS’s hit variety show Kick A Goal. Kick A Goal centers around women who transition from their celebrity lives to becoming soccer players. Oh Na Mi is one of the best players on the show and is part of team Ga-vengers (play on words Gag women, and Avengers).

Oh Na Mi (left) and Comedian Kim Min Kyung (right) | @skal7996/Instagram


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