Radio DJ Park Myung Soo Sparks A Heated Debate Among Netizens For Defending T.O.P Being Cast In “Squid Game 2”

Netizens have mixed reactions.

Recently, comedian Park Myung Soo expressed his thoughts on T.O.P‘s casting in Netflix‘s Squid Game season two, which sparked a heated debate.

Park Myung Soo | @gpark_radio/Instagram

On June 30, on KBS Cool FM‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Park Myung Soo interviewed big data expert Jeon Min Ki. During the show, Jeon Min Ki talked about hot topics of conversation and mentioned the actors recently announced as the cast for Squid Game season 2. He brought up the controversy surrounding T.O.P, which has created a buzz among the public.

The main actors are amazing, but it got a little noisy because T.O.P was among them. T.O.P stopped working and withdrew from BIGBANG due to some charges while serving as a medical police officer.

— Jeon Min Ki

T.O.P | @choi_seung_hyun_tttop/Instagram

In response, Park Myung Soo gave his two cents on the situation. He believed that if a person is given a second chance, they will work harder to repay for their past mistakes.

I personally like T.O.P, but it’s hard to say anything right now… Although both sides of the opinions are right, a young man like him needs to revive… In my personal opinion, if we give him once more chance, shouldn’t he wake up and work harder to repay for the opportunity?

— Park Myung Soo

T.O.P (left) and the actors announced to be in “Squid Game” season two | @squidgamenetflix/Instagram

Jeon Min Ki clarified, however, that it’s up to each individual to have their own opinions—nobody can control how they feel.

Whether they accept it or not is up to the people. We have to accept that.

— Jeon Min Ki

Park Myung Soo wrapped up the conversation by agreeing with his guest.

If that’s the public opinion, then it’s right.

— Park Myung Soo

After Park Myung Soo’s statement spread in the news and online communities, there were mixed reactions. Some netizens were unhappy with Park Myung Soo’s remarks; they claimed he was defending a drug defender who did not need a second chance.

  • “I think criminals are forgiven easily when they’re celebrities. It’s generally like that.”
  • “Why should a criminal get a chance?”
  • “More than repaying us, he’s just being a nuisance.”
  • “T.O.P has a lot of money even if he doesn’t act; root for another hardworking young person.”
  • “I don’t understand why he must repay after committing a crime.”
  • “If he wants to return, he has to start from the bottom. Joining a mega-production is so shameless.”
  • “Don’t say working hard is him repaying; he’s doing it to make money for himself.”
  • “Why does he need to ‘revive’? He already made hella money, and he’s living a luxurious life…”
  • “Why do we need to give him a chance? The public doesn’t want it, lol.”
  • “Does he have to be a celebrity? He can do business.”
  • “Does he necessarily need to be revived?”
  • “I like Park Myung Soo, but I can’t agree with this… A problematic celebrity does not need to be revived. Yeah, just don’t come out.”
  • “Just the fact he said he likes T.O.P ruins everything; he should’ve just not said anything.”

Other netizens believed Park Myung Soo was allowed to have his own opinions. They also thought that he handled the topic the best he could in a professional manner.

  • “‘If that’s the public opinion, then it’s right’ is the important message, but reading only the first part raises many questions lol well, to each their own…”
  • “Guys, read the last line… That’s Park Myung Soo’s personal opinion, and he said if that’s the public opinion, then it’s right.”
  • “His last sentence is the key.”
  • “It’s his opinion, and he wrapped it up well; you’re just trying to hate on him again.”
  • “Park Myung Soo can’t just say, “He can never come out again!!!!!’ in that situation; you never know who and when you’re going to meet again in the entertainment industry.”
  • “Then is Park Myung Soo supposed to respond like an internet comment…?”
  • “They work in the same field, so that he can say this much.”
  • “What do you expect—for him to just say, ‘Fire T.O.P’ on a broadcast?”
  • “Everything he said was right, haha.”
  • “But he can’t blatantly talk bad about him… Ultimately, I think his true opinion was the last sentence.”
  • “He can’t just say, ‘T.O.P can’t do drugs!’ so I think he handled the situation well.”
  • “The last word was the key, right? Didn’t he turn it around and handle it well?”
  • “Park Myung Soo is right hahaha. They work in the same field, so he can’t just yell, ‘Why are you crawling back out!!!!!'”
  • “From Park Myung Soo’s perspective, it’s hard to criticize someone you’ve met personally; they’re in the same field, so if they meet in the future, it can be awkward…”
  • “He can’t just yell on the radio.”
  • “What more can he say as a DJ on air lol.”

On June 29, Netflix unveiled the cast list for season two of Squid Game. Since finding out T.O.P is one of the actors, there has been a lot of criticism online because of his past use of drugs.

What are your opinions?

Source: Star News Korea, X Sports News and theqoo

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