Comedian Park Na Rae Suffers ACL Injury While Filming, Will Need To Undergo Surgery

We wish her a speedy recovery.

It was reported on August 5 that beloved comedian Park Na Rae has suffered an ACL injury and will be undergoing surgery.

Park Na Rae | @wooju1025/Instagram

According to the report, an industry insider revealed to JTBC Entertainment News that the comedian suffered her injury while filming for a commercial.

Park Na Rae suffered a leg injury while filming a commercial. She will be undergoing surgery next week.

— Industry Insider

Park Na Rae’s agency JDB Entertainment released a statement.

While filming, there was an accident, and Park Na Rae tore her ACL. She will have to undergo surgery. At the moment, we are working to move her schedule around. We are prioritizing Park Na Rae’s health first and will do our best to look after her. We apologize to the fans and to those affected by the sudden news.

— JDB Entertainment

Despite the comedian’s injury, Park Na Rae’s side revealed that she would be filming for MBC‘s I Live Alone this week and next. She is expected to miss filming for tvN‘s Lined Up Restaurants and Amazing Saturday.

Park Na Rae showed her reputation as a hard worker was no exaggeration, as the consummate professional uploaded a post to her Instagram shouting out the brand she was filming for.

#ad #junggwajung #conditioningmedicine Due to my strength I accidentally (got injured)… I love you Jung Gwa Jung.

— Park Na Rae

Fans and celebrities alike rushed to the comedian’s Instagram to wish the comedian a speedy recovery.

  • Shinji (Koyote): “Are you okay?”
  • Park Na Rae: “I’m fine everywhere else!!!”
  • Shinji: “It must be hard in this hot weather…ㅠ You’re working so hard, Na Rae~ If you want everywhere else to stay fine, you have to be careful, okay? You have to take care of yourself if you want to stay healthy in your later years~.”

  • Fan: “I heard you are getting surgery ㅜㅜ.”
  • Park Na Rae: “I am getting surgery done next week! I will return stronger than ever, lol.”

  • “Have strength. I wish you health…”
  • “Take care of your health… You may have side effects from the surgery so take care of yourself well, hehe.”

Park Na Rae made her debut in 2006 as part of KBS’s 21st class of comedians. She has since become a household name in Korea and is regarded as one of Korea’s most beloved comedians.

She is currently an MC and host of MBC’s I Live Alone, tvN’s Lined Up Restaurants, and Amazing Saturday.

Source: JTBC News