Comedian Park Soo Hong’s Brother Admits To Prosecutors Several Instances He Embezzled Money

This is the first time Park Soo Hong’s brother has admitted to embezzlement.

Comedian Park Soo Hong‘s brother, who is currently in Police custody while facing embezzlement charges, admitted to several of his crimes.

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According to news reports, the comedian’s brother acknowledged several instances in which he had embezzled his brother’s money during an investigation with prosecutors.

According to the reports, the comedian’s brother acknowledged he had illegally paid salaries to people that didn’t work for either him or his brother. The brother is charged with paying ₩1.90 billion KRW (about $1.32 million USD) in salary to people who did not work for his brother.

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Park Soo Hong’s lawyer Noh Jong Un made a statement regarding the latest revelation.

Until now, his brother has denied all charges. This is the first time he has admitted to embezzling money.

— Noh Jong Un

New reports speculate due to his brother admitting to embezzlement charges, rather than proving if he is innocent or guilty, prosecutors will have to prove the scope of the crime and losses to Park Soo Hong. It’s also speculated that the comedian’s brother may attempt to reach a settlement with Park Soo Hong. This is because Korean courts take whether the convicted has been forgiven by the victim into consideration when handing out a sentence.

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According to reports, without a settlement, the chances of Park Soo Hong forgiving his brother are slim. This is because although Park Soo Hong’s brother was formally charged with embezzling ₩6.17 billion KRW (about $4.30 million USD), Park Soo Hong is maintaining he was embezzled out of ₩11.6 billion KRW (about $8.08 million USD) and has stated he will file a motion in civil court to recoup the rest.

Source: Munhwa Ilbo
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