Up And Coming Actor Surprises Fans By Announcing Marriage To Girlfriend Of 8 Years

Congratulations to the couple!

Actor Yang Ji Won announced that he would be marrying his girlfriend of eight years.

Yang Ji Won | @jiwon__yang/Instagram

On May 4, the actor revealed in a handwritten letter that he would be getting married on May 20. The full translation of the letter is available below.


Hello, this is Yang Ji Won.

I am writing to you, although sheepishly, to reveal the most precious and important decision I have made in my life.

On May 20, I will be marrying a woman that I love.

During the eight years, we have spent together, there have been happy and painful times, but we have acknowledged each other’s weaknesses and have come to understand them and have promised to live as husband and wife.

I wanted to tell you this news directly.

The person that I am marrying is a warm person who is much more kind and loving than I am. And she is a loving person who loves children.

She is a precious person who was with me when I had nothing,and have stayed by my side through all my hard times and is still with me, praying and encouraging me.

I thought that I wanted to be with her forever.

We will be holding hands through the hard times and the happy times as long as god permits us to stay on this earth.

Please bless our marriage, and please pray for us. We will live while sharing the love you have given us.

Thank you so much.

— Yang Ji Won

Meanwhile, Yang Ji Won has starred in movies Plus Nine Romance, and You Are Alive In This Writing. The actor has also starred in many musicals.

Source: wikitree
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