Composer of I.O.I’s Pick Me Under Accusation Of Physically Assaulting Girlfriend

DJ Maximite is involved in a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend.

DJ and producer Shin Min Cheol, better known as his stage presence DJ Maximite, has been sued by his ex-girlfriend for physically abusing her while the two were in a relationship.


DJ Maximite is one of the producers behind I.O.I‘s “Pick Me”, a song widely loved for its catchy melody and fun choreography, from Produce 101 Season 1.


His ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, stating she has been assaulted several times when she was involved in a romantic relationship with the DJ.

His fans are showing huge disappointment in him, especially with dating violence being one of the most concerning social issues in Korea.


DJ Maximite has gained some spotlight after creating “Pick Me” and appeared on several interviews and TV shows. He is also popular among clubs around Gangnam, Seoul for his DJing skills.


No detail has been shared regarding DJ Maximite’s lawsuit yet. Further investigation will determine if DJ Maximite will face criminal charges.

Source: Dispatch