American Talk Show Host Conan Reacts To His Appearance On The Latest Episode Of BTS’s “Run BTS!”

He was one of many stars that made a cameo!

In the recent episode of BTS‘s Run BTS!, the members took part in a game called “Figure Quiz,” where they had to name the celebrities shown to them.

It was fair to say that the group had a hard time with some of the names, and one of those was American talk show host Conan O’Brien. When his picture appeared, J-Hope struggled to remember his name. After a few seconds, he eventually came out with “Curtain.”

| Run BTS!/VLive 

Jimin and Jin couldn’t hide their shock at J-Hope not knowing Conan’s name.

| Run BTS!/VLive

Conan voiced his frustration during his talk show after hearing about his appearance on the show, remarking, “He called me curtain!”

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After his initial shock, Conan added that he was stunned as he thought he was known in Korea, which, as seen by Jimin and Jin’s reaction, must be true.

I’ve been to Korea. I was popular there, and curtain?

— Conan O’Brien

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Despite joking that he won’t let the matter go by explaining, “I’ll get you,” it all seemed to be light-hearted. Conan pointed out that he doesn’t really have any power adding that the group will continue being successful and “running the world.”

There is no denying that Conan was popular in Korea, and you can watch his music video with JYP and other JYP Entertainment artists below!

Source: BTS Vlive and Team Coco

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