ATINYs Concerned As ATEEZ’s Jongho Is Stalked During Live Broadcast

Fans are asking everyone to be considerate and respectful as the group travels.

ATINYs are upset after ATEEZ‘s Jongho was stalked.

ATEEZ’s Jongho

Currently, ATEEZ are on the European leg of their 2022-2023 THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour. They performed in Berlin, Germany, on Wednesday, February 15.

During their time in Berlin, Germany, Jongho was out walking while doing a live broadcast. ATINYs were initially concerned about his safety, and rightfully so.

While still live, Jongho was approached by what appeared to be a fan. So, he respectfully bowed and smiled as he continued to walk.

It appeared that he began to walk faster, though. It turns out that the person in question uploaded a now-deleted video of her POV, clearly showing they continued to follow him even after he greeted them.

ATINYs are expressing their disapproval of the individual’s behavior. They are calling the OP (Original Poster) out for “stalking” and making Jongho feel uncomfortable.

Not only did some invade Jongho’s personal space, but according to other ATINYs, some people have even booked rooms in and/or camped at ATEEZ’s hotel.

So, ATINYs are concerned for the ATEEZ members and request everyone to respect their boundaries and privacy.

We hope that ATEEZ have a good remainder of their tour and safe travels.

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