Condom stock prices rise after the legalization of adultery in South Korea

After the ban on adultery in South Korea was lifted on February 26th, top condom and morning after pill companies experienced a surge in stock prices.

As the 62 year-old ban on adultery was lifted in South Korea, shares for condom and morning after pill companies heightened very soon after. Condom manufacturer Unidus Corp. experienced an increase of 15% in their shares while morning after pill and pregnancy test distributor Hyundai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.’s recovered from their losses while also making a 9.7% increase in shares.

While the ban was still in place, those who broke the law would serve up to two years in prison. At first the ban was to keep unity within families but now Justice Park Han Chul believes that, “Even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should not intervene in individuals’ private lives.

Going through many uncertain decisions, the lifting of the ban on adultery had been considered multiple times since 1990 but the final decision has been set on February 26.

Source: AP and Time