Controversial Couple Director Hong Sang Su And Actress Kim Min Hee Broke Up After 1 Year

Director Hong Sang Su left his wife and children to date actress Kim Min Hee, which became a highly controversial topic in Korea. But now they’re done.

A source closely related to director Hong Sang Su has revealed that Kim Min Hee and he are no longer dating. The first sign that aroused suspicion of their breakup was at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. Hong Sang Su was invited to the festival for his movie “Grass”. Fans were expecting the couple to show up to the event together, but the director showed up alone.

Kim Min Hee has been in the spotlight for being the center of his inspiration and for accompanying him to events such as the Cannes Film Festival. Therefore, Hong Sang Su’s solo appearance in this year’s event only strengthened the rumor of their split.

The couple’s dating news was first released in June 2016 when they received much criticism from netizens. Hong Sang Su was married with children when he started dating Kim Min Hee. Hong Sang Su attempted to file for divorce in November 2016 only to have his wife refuse. They are currently in the process of trials for the divorce.

The couple, who have a 22-year difference in age, officially announced their relationship in March 2017 after rumors began getting out of control.

It has been only 1 year since they made their official debut as a couple.

Hong Sang Su’s close friend revealed that he is very worried about Kim Min Hee’s future even after the split. Another source has disclosed that she has not been in touch with her acquaintances and is spending some time alone. They added that she doesn’t seem to have any intentions at the moment to continue activities as an actress in Korea.

Source: Sports World