Controversy Breaks Out After Wannables Get Into A Physical Fight During Concert

This fight has caused a huge controversy among Wannables.

Wanna One held a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of their world tour, “ONE: THE WORLD”, on July 21, 2018 where a few Wannables got into a physical fight.


The incident occurred in the standing area called PEN 3, where fans have reported numerous cases of chaos and violence.


First of all, a few concertgoers noted that PEN 3 and PEN 4 were considerably more crowded than PEN 1 and PEN 2.


May it be due to the crowded area, but numerous fans have shared stories of how they were pushed and shoved, even hit and punched. One particular Wannable, who has been making an effort to spread her story, has claimed that she was physically assaulted by 2 Korean fans and supported her story with images of the damage it caused.

I was No. 145 in PEN 3 at today’s Malaysia concert. There were two tall Korean girls in front of me who were holding a fan of Daniel and Jihoon’s red slogan, trying to hide their camera. Once the concert began, the two girls were holding the fan very high up to record the concert and hid the views of people behind them. So I asked them if they could lower their fan, but they pretended not to hear. Other Wannables in the standing area tried to get a hold of the staff, but the staff did not come. When it was Jihoon’s solo, the two girls suddenly came up to the Wannable next to me and began hitting her. Then they began hitting me too. I do not know this Wannable who was next to me. Then, they grabbed my hair and pushed me against the railing of PEN 3 and began hitting my head with their cell phones like crazy people. They even kicked me in the stomach with their legs. While they were hitting me for about 1 minute, I didn’t even have the strength to fight back. I was bleeding from my face and my hands at the time. I came a long ways to see the Wanna One concert and I am so depressed this unbelievable incident happened to me. If there is any Wannable in PEN 3 who saw or took any footage of this, I’d appreciate if you could send it to me.


She later posted a video to prove the incident and indicated that the sponsors and security at the concert were not doing anything while the fight was happening.

She explained that the person wearing a black hat was one of the 2 Korean fans who attacked her. Meanwhile, the other Korean fan was dragging her from the other side.


Another video showing the conflict continue outside of the arena was posted. According to the Wannable, the two Korean fans who assaulted her did not agree to go to the police station with them and tried to hit her again.


Meanwhile, one of the 2 Korean fans who allegedly assaulted the Wannable has shared their own account, claiming it was the Wannable who had attacked them first.


She also posted images of the damage that the Wannable had apparently caused.


Netizens seem to be largely divided into international netizens, who have been supporting the claim of the Wannable, and Koren netizens, who have been defending the accused Korean fan that goes by the nickname “MilkyWayBoy”.

“You foreigners didn’t exactly do right by assaulting the Korean girls first just because they were blocking your view with their camera. And by the way, I heard you guys were filming the concert too.”

“Fucking Foreigner 🙁 They hit each other.
So Shut up !
Fucking foreigners are causing all sorts of sh*t, they all hit each other;; If you need English, translate it for yourself. Apologize to MilkyWayBy for accusing her of a one-sided assault.”

“Damn foreigners look at their logic. They didn’t go to the police because it’s difficult and disadvantageous for them to follow a foreigner to the police station and explain their side of the story. You keep saying that’s your problem~ or saying it’s a foreigner’s excuse~ but is the fact that you guys can’t speak Korean our problem too? If you’re going to do K-Pop, go and learn some Korean first. And stop gaining up on us and bothering us without knowing the facts.”


Meanwhile, many other concertgoers have also reported seeing the violence and chaos that was occurring in the infamous PEN 3.


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