Controversy Erupts After Video Of IVE’s Ahn Yujin Allegedly Apologizing To A Fan Goes Viral — Fan Responds

“They seem like a crazy person acting like a virtual bully…”

A fan responded to criticism after an alleged video seemed to show IVE‘s Ahn Yujin apologizing to the fan during a recent fan meet.

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On May 2, an online community post titled “The Reason Why Ahn Yujin’s Fansign Clip Is Fake News” went viral. The post has since been viewed over 130K times by netizens.

In the post, a netizen’s tweet is uploaded. In the tweet, the netizen seems to be criticizing the fan in the video for allegedly making IVE’s Ahn Yujin apologize for not looking at them at a prior event.

Ahn Yujin’s home master’s greatest achievement. You criticized a young kid at every event for not looking at you until you received an apology and was given eye contact. How does it feel?

— @MCUU0000/Twitter

In the audio-less video clip, a netizen captioned the video to make it seem like Ahn Yujin was apologizing to another fan.

There is something I want to tell you. There is something I want to tell you, unnie. What I want to say is I’ve thought about what you told me, but first, I want to apologize. Because we had only a short time (together), I was so taken aback, and I didn’t know anything. After you went down, I think you would have thought about it more, so I was apologetic. I immediately read (your) letter, and if I favored (you) for five years, between you and the other fans, I felt like, although I am very thankful to you, I think I felt that I was favoring you over other fans so… If you say that this really isn’t it, I thought the same. Also, there was that time I couldn’t (greet) you. So I felt I might’ve treated you badly without knowing. So, when you said that, I thought there must have been something that I had done, and I was so apologetic.[sic]

— Ahn Yujin (as captioned by netizen)

The post’s author revealed that due to the video, the fan in the video had received criticism from fellow fans. The author then posted the fan’s rebuttal of the video in which they revealed what had really been said.

It’s Lastpang (home master). I have never criticized Yujin for not looking at (my) camera during the fan sign, so I don’t know what made you edit a clip like this. As it doesn’t make sense for me to be criticized for something I didn’t do, I’ll be explaining (what really happened).

On the April 23 fan sign (event), I tried to make a joke while telling her something, but due to the short time (I was with her), I misspoke. Because I felt Yujin might misunderstand, I wrote her a letter explaining the joke. Yujin, who read the letter, then apologized for misunderstanding the joke.

She never said If I favored you for five years. Instead she said If we were together for five years. She never said I think I made you feel like I favored you over other fans. Instead she said I felt like I shouldn’t favor you over other fans. She never said, If you say that this really isn’t it and instead said I thought maybe I was acting like I knew too much, to which I told her she didn’t have to worry about it.

I am not sure why you took the time and effort to make up something and even edit captions for it, but we never spoke about eye contact that day, and rather than worry about what other people say during fan sign events, you should just focus on being a fan.

— @Lastpang_A/Twitter

Netizens reacted in shock and heavily criticized the Twitter user who originally posted the clip. Many netizens expressed disbelief that the allegations were made up.

  • “I mean, it’s crazy that there is no audio, and so they just made up (the captions) by reading her lips and then used it to make allegations… Then the fact that they criticize the fan for something else after they responded is amazing.”
  • “Wow, I usually don’t turn on the audio for clips, so I thought there would definitely be audio, but this was all made up? That is so chilling and disturbing.”
  • “Looking at the account (of the person who posted the video), they aren’t really worried for Yujin, but is just a crazy person (attacking) the home master.”
  • “The troll account is a coward, LOL. They captioned the video to their tastes and (uploaded) it to an anonymous account because they weren’t sure (they are correct). They are so pitiful for doing this while keeping anonymity so no one knows who they are.”
  • “I seriously don’t like how fans of the same artists attack one another and talk behind their backs. The fandom’s vibe gets ruined, and people like them need to go away.”
  • “I thought there was audio… What’s up with making up allegations by lip reading?”
  • “They seem like a crazy person acting like a virtual bully… Why are they so pitiful?”
  • “I saw the person’s account, and it’s just a party for crazies, LOL. They aren’t fans and are just crazy people, but they are the only ones who don’t know it.”
  • “You don’t make up things by lip reading… How do you know what (Yujin) is saying without audio?”
  • “What? This was made up by lip reading? Wow… Were they trying to cancel the fan?

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo
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