Controversy Erupts When A First-Generation Idol Isn’t Invited To A Former Group Member’s Wedding

“How could I go when I wasn’t invited?”

Jewelry member Cho Min Ah responded to the controversy stemming from her absence at fellow Jewelry member Seo In Young‘s wedding.

Cho Min Ah | DongA Ilbo

Recently, Seo In Young got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend. Seo In Young’s fellow Jewelry members gathered for the wedding, but controversy sparked when fellow member Cho Min Ah was not in attendance.

From top left: Ha Jooyeon, Kim Eunjung, Park Jung Ah, and Lee Ji Hyun | @peace89421/Instagram
Seo In Young (center) | @peace89421/Instagram

On February 27, Cho Min Ah took to Instagram, where she wrote about her absence.

Cho Min Ah’s Instagram | @cho_minah_/Instagram

I have so much to say whenever there are articles written about Jewlery as a group, but I’ve kept it inside because I didn’t want to reopen old wounds.

— Cho Min Ah

The former idol stated that she had long suffered from allegations surrounding her absence whenever Jewelry would reunite without her.

Since 2015, I’ve watched the three of them come on TV without telling me. I thought they just wanted the attention for themselves, so I never asked why they did this. But after the broadcasts, articles titled, ‘Where is Cho Min Ah?’ ‘All Of Jewelry Reunited But Cho Min Ah Is Missing,” “Cho Min Ah Is Missing Again?” were relentless, and my mother was hurt by various rumors.

— Cho Min Ah

Cho Min Ah then revealed text messages she sent to Jewelry members Park Jung Ah and Lee Ji Hyun in which she stated she would also like to appear with the members. The Jewelry members, however, do not respond to her text.

Text to Park Jung Ah | @cho_minah_/Instagram

I’ll contact Ji Hyun unnie, so please send her my regards!! My mom saw the three of you on TV and told me to let you guys know I would also be willing to appear. It’s not like I’m a criminal or someone who has passed. It seems that my face was blurred or cut off on TV. I don’t think that’s right. We don’t stay in touch or see each other because of our busy lives, but there are so many allegations saying we have issues with one another. So she said that next time the four of us should appear together.

— Cho Min Ah

Cho Min Ah then addressed the reason why she wasn’t at Seo In Young’s wedding.

Someone texted me asking if it was so difficult for me to attend my friend’s wedding. How could I go when I wasn’t invited? I didn’t know where or what time the wedding was being held.

— Cho Min Ah

Cho Min Ah then lamented the unwanted attention stemming from her absence, stating that she didn’t feel the criticism was warranted and that the allegations themselves weren’t fair to her.

Did I curse at someone? Or did I bully a colleague? There is no reason why I need to receive criticism. Jewelry was a group that had so many changing members, so to say it is a ‘full group’ reunion isn’t even categorically correct. Why do I need to suffer from allegations stemming from these ‘full group’ reunions?

—  Cho Min Ah

Jewelery is a first-generation group that gained popularity through their hit song “One More Time.” Cho Min Ah joined Jewelry in 2002 and left the group in 2006. Seo In Young was a member of the group from 2002 to 2010.

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Source: theqoo
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