Controversy Erupts As Mnet Rehires Disgraced “Produce” PD Ahn Joon Young After Completing His Prison Sentence

“This situation is so bizarre that my brain is unable to process it…”

Netizens are furious over the news that producer Ahn Joon Young has rejoined Mnet after completing his prison sentence for manipulating votes on the Produce audition series.

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According to a report by YTN Star, Ahn Joon Young rejoined the company’s music division. The movie virtually returns the producer, who served prison time for manipulating votes in the Produce 101 series, to his prior position one year and five months after completing his prison sentence.

Ahn Joon Young was sentenced to two years in prison for manipulating votes in all of the Produce audition series. The disgraced producer was also proven to have accepted bribes and had solicited adult entertainment establishments paid for by entertainment companies.

“Produce 101” Ahn Joon Young Sentenced To 2 Years For Manipulation Of Votes

Netizens expressed anger and disbelief over the news of Mnet rehiring the disgraced producer.

  • “Oh, wow.”
  • “Wow, LOL. He was rehired? That’s crazy.”
  • “Look at him rejoining (Mnet) after ruining the lives of the (contestants), crazy.”
  • “Wow, (this situation) is so transparent, LOL.”
  • “What do you mean he was rehired after his prison release? This situation is so bizarre that my brain is unable to process it…”
  • “Wow, South Korea is so merciful. Rehired after serving time in prison? Wow.”
  • “Wow, he was rehired?”
  • “How can he be rehired? What is wrong with CJ (parent company of Mnet)?”
  • “Of course, he is rehired. He was the fall guy who took responsibility for everything. Don’t you think there was a give-and-take with the higher-ups? LOL, I am not even surprised. This is the level (of corruption) in this industry, LOL.”

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Source: theqoo and ytn