Controversy Erupts When A NewJeans Fan’s Post Listing Alleged Mistreatment From ADOR Goes Viral

“If they are going to act like that, why even have a fan club?”

Netizens criticized ADOR for allegedly mistreating fans.

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On March 29, a NewJeans fan’s Twitter post went viral. In the post, the fan, who is well known among fans as a homepage master, revealed that she is “closing” her activities as a homepage master. Homepage masters refer to dedicated fans who run fansites using photos that they have taken of the idol.

The fan posted to her Twitter the reason why she was quitting and uploaded a photo of a bodyguard flashing a light to interfere with the fan from taking photos. The fan’s post is translated below.

Do you think this is the first time this (bodyguard flashing light) has happened? They (ADOR) have been doing this since the group’s very first event. Whether it is an event or at an airport, they (bodyguards) are always flashing us with lights. When I was taking pictures in the first row of a concert while being aware as to not block the view of the people behind me, a staff member came to me and asked what sins did the people around me commit for having to sit next to me, and when I was trying to take photos of the group from afar, I was told that ‘You can take photos at a public place, but you can’t take photos of the members.’ People all crowded (the group) and had their phones out to take photos, but (the bodyguards) only singled out people with cameras and was told not to take photos because people had to walk by. There were so many incidents that, as a fan, I couldn’t understand.

During their first comeback, I saw them twice up close and four times during their music show appearances. During the fan signing, in which 50 people were given only 50 minutes (to meet the members), I was with the members for only four minutes and thirty-three seconds when there were five members (to meet in turn).

There are things that I have to do, so I’ll do them before I leave. I loved (the members) a lot, but I don’t see the point in holding on. I want to be a fan while being treated like a human being.

β€” @Attention0515/Twitter

A netizen then brought up another incident in which another homepage master of the group criticized NewJeans’ bodyguards for flashing a light to impede fans from taking pictures.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and they do this even during their official schedules, LOL. I don’t understand why they hate fans to this point, LOL. I heard they were nice to fans outside of the hotel. Maybe I should have just waited at the hotel instead of the airport~.

β€” @lightblu_hn/Twitter

Netizens criticized ADOR for mistreating fans, while some fans defended HYBE, stating that not all of its labels mistreated fans.

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  • “They (ADOR) are doing too much, LOL. Isn’t ADOR the only HYBE label that does this?”
  • “What, this is NewJeans? The fans should be so pissed.”
  • “If they are going to act like that, why even have a fan club?
  • “If they are going to f@cking hate fans, why are they marketing to fans? Just because they are marketing in 90s fashion, do they think thatΒ fans today have the same rights as fans in the 90s?”
  • “I’m not sure about all that, but the fan signing event is problematic…”
  • “HYBE has a problem with this, and it’s not just towards (fans) of NewJeans…”
  • “My idols are (in) HYBE, and they don’t do this. Don’t group them all together.”
  • ” Forget everything else, but (giving) fans only four minutes and thirty-three seconds with the idols during a fan signing event that is expensive AF is just crazy. Are they insane?”
  • “They really hate their fans. If they act like that, do you think we’ll want to be fans?”
  • “Why are they treating homepage masters like that? They don’t even have that many (homepage masters). Those homepage masters who quit being fans are people who take good pictures (of the group) and edit them well.”

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Source: theqoo