Controversy sparks among netizens regarding Wheesung’s appearance on “I’m A Singer 3”

Differing opinions regarding the appearance of R&B vocalist Wheesung on I’m A Singer 3 have arisen following the news that he would join the singing competition starting on February 11th. 

While many netizens feel that Wheesung, known for his incredible vocal skills and stage presence, would dominate the show, others have expressed their doubts about the singer’s appearance.

On February 9th, those who doubt Wheesung have left comments such as, “You kick out Lee Soo and you bring in Wheesung?”, “When he was at his best he would have been on par with Lena Park but at the state he is in..I don’t know – -,” and “Wheesung is good but with the state his voice is in right now I don’t know about I’m a Singer..

In regards to joining the program, a person who works with the program revealed, “Wheesung was very hesitant to join the program, He felt that the process of ranking singers and elimination put too much pressure on him, but he was moved by the relentless persuasion of the show’s producer.

Wheesung most recently collaborated with SHINee’s Jonghyun for his solo debut album, BASE, which was released on January 12th.

Source: Daily Sports